Update #9 - We have less than 1 Week .. Lets keep it going !!!!

We would like to thank everyone who has supported the campaign. We are now over $300K USD of funding and we hope to go beyond that. We need your support to share our project with everyone.

During the last week we had a number of questions asked. Let us share with you some of them with you.

What is the materials used for the Dune Pro?

The inside material of the Dune Pro case is Aluminium not sheet metal. It is also anodised black. The outside case will also be high grade aluminium that is 3mm thick with sand blast treatment and anodised. The frame is polished stainless steel.

We watched the Linus Tech Tips and other videos. The surface looks uneven. Is there a quality issue with the Dune Pro case?

The prototype cases we sent to Linus Tech Tips, Unbox Therapy, PC world and others are low quantity prototypes. We used a CNC process to cut the aluminium parts on the exterior and laser cut and bending techniques for the internals for our prototype. The surface of the exterior is uneven and is caused by sand blasting the surface by hand, and not the anodising process. When its done via a controlled process, the surface will be even and you will not see different shades on the surface. The production version will be in a mass production line and under a controled process. This process will eliminate the uneven surface on the exterior of the Dune Pro Case.

When will the Dune Pro case be shipped out?

We have started to get the moulds and manufacturing process. We aim to have this finished and shipped out during the month of January 2020.

What is the shipping cost?

Within the United states the cost of shipping will be $20 USD. Outside the United States will be a flat rate of $35 USD.

How much does the Dune Pro case weight?

We estimate the production case will weight 12-14KG.

Dune Team