Update #79 - Dune Pro

Greetings everyone,


Over the last few days, Alex has been Live Streaming his visits to the factories on Google Meet, answering questions from our backers. We are grateful to those who joined in and hope they enjoyed the sessions. This Update will provide a summary of the information for those who missed out.


Standard Edition Units


300 Standard Edition Units were dispatched at the end of May 2021. Due to COVID-19 and Shipping Crisis, to date, prices have been out of reach for the Dune Team to dispatch a container out of China. 


  • The Dune Pro has been constantly evolving since the prototype, to ensure we deliver the best product to our backers and future customers. In February 2021, we shared our method to attach the side panels of the Dune Pro to the chassis, the original CAD Design is shown below: 


We have improved this component in recent months, to include a third clip, located in the middle. This evolution ensures that the gap between the panel and the chassis is consistent across the length of the Dune Pro. This evolution also improves the long-term durability of the product, mitigating any effects of removing and reinserting the side panel. The new CAD Design is shown below:


Backers who watched the recent live sessions saw the improved component and the benefits it brought to the Dune Pro. As the 300 Standard Edition Cases (currently with the original component) are still in China, we will be bringing them back from the 3PL to update them with the improved component. Once updated, we will send them back out to our 3PL. 


We would like to stress that swapping the component is quick and simple to do as all mounting points to the Side Panel are identical. We hope backers can understand why we are taking this action and are sorry for not bringing this to our backers' attention sooner.


Remaining points for Standard Edition Units: 


  • (3PL Units) Collect 300 Standard Edition Units from 3PL
  • (3PL Units) Swap the old Side Panel Attachment component with the improved one.
  • (All Units, excluding 3PL Units) Assembly and Packaging
  • (All Units) Dispatch out of China.


Dice-Y Units:


Dice-Y Units have seen incredible progress over the past few months. In the Live Sessions, Alex was at the anodisation factory, going in-depth on the colour matching process to ensure the Dune Pro has a consistent finish.



Some backers may not know, but every batch of anodisation will have slight variances between one another. No one batch is ever exactly the same, even for the biggest and most established companies. Dice-Y batches are being colour matched. 



We would like to clarify that this colour matching process has no impact on Standard Edition Units, including the 300 3PL Units. These have already been correctly colour matched.


Remaining points for Dice-Y Units:


  • Production, Sandblasting and Anodisation of all remaining Dice-Y Covers. (Approx 1000 Completed)
  • Colour Matching Panels to the Dice-Y Cover.
  • Assembly and Packaging of all 4000+ Units.
  • Dispatch out of China.


Lucky 10 Units:


Backers who participated in the Live Sessions watched the complete assembly and packaging of a Lucky 10 Unit, using the new colour-matched panels and improved Side Panel Attachment component, from start to finish. 


An archive of the 2hr 59 Minute Live Session can be viewed here: Link


Watch Alex package the Lucky 10 Units for shipment below:



We cannot wait for our Lucky 10 Backers to have their Dune Pro in hand! We look forward to seeing the incredible PC Builds they produce.


Bottom Panel:


We have made an improvement to the bottom panel of the Dune Pro. In our first iteration, Metal Glue was used to attach the inserts to the extruded bottom panel. This can be seen below:


We have improved this design to now use screws. This improvement makes the Dune Pro more expensive to produce, however improves the assembly process and as the entire case can now be assembled with just a screwdriver. The improved bottom panel can be seen below:


We would like to clarify that this improvement has no impact on the 300 3PL Units.


Domestic Mainland China Units:


As part of our update posted on 9th August 2021, we created a poll asking our community whether we should prioritise shipments within Mainland China. The outcome of this poll was not to do this. We have received an overwhelming amount of feedback from backers in recent weeks to go back on this decision, factoring the current status of the project. We are pleased to announce that the shipping domestic units within mainland China will now be a priority for the Dune Team as we understand our community would like to see cases in backers hands. Once the “Lucky 10” are completed and dispatched we will focus on delivering this.




Our revamped website to accept new orders and allow existing backers to change the Shipping type is almost complete. Listed below are all of the Pages that are part of the site and their respective development status:




  • Home
  • Product Page
  • Project Updates
  • Downloads
  • Contact Us
  • Press
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Log In
  • Customer Portal
  • Warranty / Returns / Terms Of Sale
  • FAQs


In Development:


  • Shipping Upgrade Page


Development Not Started:


  • Forum Page - (Not essential to Launch)
  • Our Team - (Not essential to Launch)
  • About Dune - (Not essential to Launch)



We hope backers who watched the Live Sessions enjoyed the in-depth insight Alex provided. We also hope backers appreciate the written overview in this Update. If you have any further questions, please reach out to the Dune Team via email, info@dunecase.com, or via Discord. We are hosting Q&A Sessions regularly, allowing backers to talk to the Dune Team to ask your questions. You can join our Discord Server here: https://discord.gg/fPRKFDD


Many thanks,


Dune Team