Update #78 - Dune Pro Campaign

Greetings everyone,

All hands have been on deck as we push to meet our shipping timeline for “Lucky 10”, Standard Edition and Dice-Y units. We appreciate our backers continued support with the Dune Pro campaign and are grateful for everyone's feedback, which we strive to take on board. 

Dune Q&A - Sunday 7th November:

We hosted a Q&A on Sunday 7th November. In the Q&A, we discussed the Website, “Lucky 10” and shipping of all batches of the Dune Pro. This can be viewed by opening the Google Drive link below:


Submit your Questions #2:

Since our last update, backers have had the opportunity to directly ask questions regarding the project. The questions and relative answers can be found below:

Shipping Questions:

Q: “What is the revised shipping schedule? I'm from Singapore and waiting for my workstation upgrade.”

Q: “Hello, I wanted to ask you if it was possible to have an estimate of the waiting times for the shipment of my Dune Pro to Italy. Thanks in advance."

Q: “Please provide a shipping date. All previous delivery dates have now passed.”

Q: “How long will it take to receive my Dune case? It's been one and a half years.”

Q: “How can I know when my Dune Case will be delivered?”

Q: “When should we expect to receive proper shipping dates?”

Q: "When can I get Dune ? My Estimated Delivery Date is Original: January 2020 Current: May 2021."

A: All units of the Dune Pro will be dispatched by March 2022. This factors in the global shipping climate which is steadily improving. For shipments with our 3PL, backers will receive a tracking number once their local shipment is underway. Backers can optionally change to an Expedited Container or Fast Courier Service for an additional fee. These options will be available on our site and we will inform backers once this is live.

Container Questions:

Q: “When will the first container be shipped? Have you scheduled the second container yet?”

A: We expect the first container to be dispatched by the end of the year. As containers depart China, we will notify the relevant backers. Due to the current shipping climate, we have been unable to get a confirmed date for subsequent containers. We will inform backers as we receive this information from our 3PL.

Expedited Container / Fast Courier Service Questions:

Q: “Once you start up the site to take payments for direct Shipping upgrade. What is the estimated turnaround time to receive the case?"

A: For the Fast Courier Service, the turn around is approximately one week. Once dispatched, we expect your unit to arrive within 7-14 days. For the Expedited Container Service, once a container is full of units, the turn around is approximately one week. Once dispatched, we expect your unit to arrive within 8 weeks.

Q: "I would be open for some sort of paid express shipping with tracking number (thinking DHL or similar service). When I do the payment for the Express Courier, can I follow the shipping progress with the tracking number?"

Q: “How can I pay for expedited shipping? Are the cases expected to ship soon?”

Q: “How do I get mine shipped earlier?”

Q: “Can we please explore the setup of a process so that backers can pay extra to have their item shipped outside of your 3PL provider if they wish?”

A: Due to high demand, we are offering the option to have your Dune Pro shipped with methods outside a 3PL shipment. Our site to change your shipping type is almost complete, we will inform backers once this is live.

New Order Questions:

Q: ​​"I believe you will ship the case. I just want to know, if I want to order 1-2 extra cases now, is there a way?"

Q: “How can I buy a Dune Pro?”

Q: “When can I order Dune Pro?”

A: Our site to order a Dune Pro is almost complete, we will inform backers once this is live.

General Questions:

Q: “Why have you not shipped cases to Chinese backers?”

A: Shipping domestic units within mainland China is a priority for the Dune Team as we understand our community would like to see cases in backers hands. Once the “Lucky 10” are completed and dispatched we will focus on delivering this.

Q: “Why haven’t you shipped cases to Lucky 10 backers yet?”

A: Our “Lucky 10” units will be shipped by the end of the month. We have kept our “Lucky 10” up to date with progress and will inform all backers once they have been dispatched.

Q: “Why are Dice-Y clips holding up thousands of standard cases? Get them in a container.”

A: Around 600 Standard Edition units have already been produced. We are awaiting a container, however to date have been impacted by the global shipping climate, resulting in scarce availability and inflated prices.

Q: How many Dice-Y panels have been manufactured thus far? How many Dice-Y panels have been sent to sandblasting? 

A: Approximately 1,000 Dice-Y Panels have been manufactured. The photo below shows these panels being loaded up and have since been dispatched to be sandblasted and anodised.

Q: “Can I send someone to pick up my case?”

A: Please email info@dunecase.com to discuss this further

Q: “Could you please show us a complete unboxing of one of the already packed Standard Editions from your warehouse?”

A: We will be sure to include this in a future update.

Q: “Since the old clips seemed to have been working for the standard cover and the new clips are for the Dice-Y, does that mean we get two different types of clips for the case?”

A: All Dice-Y units will include both clip t oneypes, for the Standard Edition panel and one for the Dice-Y panel.

Q: “Hi! Notwithstanding the difficulties, could you assure that you are going to send the case? Thank you”

A: Of course! All units of the Dune Pro backed through Indiegogo and subsequent orders placed on our site will all be delivered.

Dice-Y Packaging:

We showed off the tweaked Dice-Y Cover packaging in our recent update. The tweaked packaging arrived on the 7th November 2021. Foam has been added to the packaging to better absorb shocks.

Dice-Y Clips and Screws:

Alex shared a video update showing off multiple Dice-Y Covers with the updated Clips. This can be viewed by opening the Google Drive link below:


In our most recent Q&A, we showed the updated clip and screw used for the Dice-Y Cover. The screw has a 3mm pitch. The screw has a very shallow countersink and was specially designed for the Dune Pro.

We hope our backers appreciate the questions answered in our update. Updates will be provided once the “Lucky 10” units have dispatched and when our revamped site is live. If you have any further questions, please reach out to the Dune Team via email, info@dunecase.com, or via Discord. We are hosting Q&A Sessions regularly, allowing backers to talk to the Dune Team to ask your questions. You can join our Discord Server here: https://discord.gg/fPRKFDD

Many thanks,

Dune Team