Update #75 - A personal message from our CEO

Greetings everyone,

Every backer of the campaign has shown their support and trust in Dune by backing and purchasing the Dune Pro. I am truly grateful for your support, yet at the same time, disappointed that I have not yet delivered to you. I take full responsibility for this and I am deeply sorry to everyone.

As certain expectations have not been met, you may have felt frustrated, anxious and understandably pessimistic about Dune. This is especially saddening as Dune was founded on the promise of giving you the “Power to Choose”. You chose us and so far, we have fallen short on delivering this promise to you.

There could not have been a worse time to embark on this journey. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unforeseen challenges to everyone, both personally and economically. As I look back during this period, there are times I should have done better. From today, we will be implementing immediate corrective steps to regain your confidence in our team. This is part of a comprehensive plan to greatly improve our communication with you by listening more to our backers who brought our project to life.

I am confident, as a result of these actions, Dune will emerge as a company our backers can trust. I have committed myself to provide more frequent and reliable updates on our progress. 

You deserve better, a lot better, from our team and from me. Nothing is more important than your trust. Our next Indiegogo update will include information regarding shipping dates. This will be the first step to rebuild your trust and all of us at Dune hope you will give us an opportunity to do so. 


Alexander Gomez
Founder and CEO - Dune