Update #71 - Committing to our Backers and Future Customers

Greetings everyone,

We would like to start this update with a thank you. Our backers have been the heart of the Dune Pro Campaign and the entire Dune Team is grateful for the continued support. In this update, we will be explaining the exciting future of Dune and our commitment to all 4,293 backers.

Dune Pro Journey

The Dune Pro has been the most successful crowdfunded PC Case in history, yet the future for Dune is far from over. As we take an exciting step forward as a business, we want to reflect on the progress that has led the Dune Team to be in the position we are today. Despite the immense challenges presented by COVID-19, the Dune Team has remained committed to achieve our vision, to develop a PC Case that gives users the Power to Choose.

Jun 2019 – Prototype Started.

Jul 2019 – Prototype Finished.

Aug 2019 – Redesign for Mass Production.

Sep 2019 – Negotiate with Vendors.

Oct 2019 – Dune Pro Campaign Launched.

Nov 2019 – Campaign End.

Dec 2019 – Funding received. Contracts Signed. Molds Started.

Jan 2020 – Molds require fine-tuning. Delivery date delayed to late March 2020.

Feb 2020 – Chinese New Year Holiday (Three Weeks)

Mar 2020 – COVID-19 starts. A contingency plan to manufacture outside China. Worldwide travel restrictions. Alex is stuck in Indonesia.

Apr 2020 - COVID-19 situation worsens. A surge of cases worldwide and more restrictions/lockdowns.

Jun 2020 – “Dune back in June”. Working with factories to send parts to Indonesia.

Jul 2020 – Indonesian governments announce travel restrictions are lifted.

Aug 2020 – Alex leaves Indonesia and goes to Hong Kong to obtain China Visa. Alex quarantines 14 days in Hong Kong. Preparing production with factories. The delivery date is set for November 2020.

Oct 2020 – Alex is issued China Visa. Alex quarantines 14 days in Beijing, Two Vendors breach NDA agreements, and 3D files leaked. Redesign Dune Pro and diversify Vendors.

Nov 2020 – Prices of raw materials rise. Alex renegotiates contracts with trusted vendors. Find new vendors for Sandblasting, Anodisation, Extrusion, and CNC due to NDA breach. November 2020 delivery delayed due to NDA breach.

Dec 2020 – Start production on Internal Stamping, Mould production, Extrusion.

Jan 2021 – Extrusion Fine-tuning complete. Refining Anodise and Sandblasting.

Feb 2021 – Chinese New Year.

Mar 2021 – Stainless Steel, Internal parts (Stamping), Extrusion (External) finished.

Apr 2021 – Production Assembly Planning.

May 2021 – Shipping Process started. 300 Cases picked up by 3PL. Delta COVID hits Guangzhou, Foshan, and Shenzhen.

Jun 2021 – Lockdown in Guangzhou, Foshan, and Shenzhen. Ports and Factories closed for 3 weeks.

Jul 2021 – Shipment delays. 300 cases ready to ship. 300 additional cases assembled in storage waiting for pick up.

Direct Purchasing from Dune Case LLC

We are incredibly grateful to Indiegogo for providing a platform to launch the Dune Pro. Like many crowdfunded campaigns, we have planned on transitioning from crowdfunding through Indiegogo to direct purchasing through the Dune Case website. Indicators and analysts have suggested shipping out of China will happen within the next few weeks. Based on this information, we believe now is the right time to make that transition to a Direct Purchase Model as we come close to shipping all Indiegogo units to our backers.

We have received a large number of emails in recent times asking to purchase a Dune Pro through alternative payment methods and also outside the crowdfunding platform. We have many potential customers that find the crowdfunding Terms and Conditions not suitable to them. Many customers preferring a payment method that has additional features that give them confidence in making a purchase. Others would like a broader range of payment providers and payment options, such as Buy Now Pay Later.  Furthermore, by transitioning to a Direct Purchase Model we demonstrate to our backers and future customers that Dune is committing to our existing and future products long-term, as we take direct responsibility and have terms and conditions that are beneficial to our consumers. 

Our transition to a Direct Purchase Model will happen on our website, https://www.dunecase.com, within the next few weeks.

Our Commitment to Indiegogo Backers

Our Indiegogo Backers will always be the founders of the Dune Pro campaign, without your support we would not be where we are today. As we make a transition to a Direct Purchase Model, we would like to list our continuous commitment to all Indiegogo Backers.

  • Every Indiegogo Backing will be fulfilled.

  • All Orders backed through Indiegogo will all be shipped prior to any orderplaced through our Direct Purchase Model.

  • We will continue with our Bi-Weekly (14 Day) updates, highlighting our progress towards getting the Dune Pro out of China.

  • All comments posted on our Indiegogo campaign will be answered by a member of the Dune Team.

  • Order Status and Tracking will be managed through the platform provided by Indiegogo.

  • The “Lucky 10” Backers, with expedited shipping funded by the Dune Team, will be announced within the next few weeks.

The support from our backers since the start of the Dune Pro campaign has been overwhelming. Our exciting transition from crowdfunding to a Direct Purchase Model is an incredible step forward for the Dune Team; our existing backers; and future customers. This transition marks a turning point for the Dune team and signifies that we are taking the company to higher ground. If you have any further questions, please reach out to the Dune Team via email, info@dunecase.com, or via Discord. We are hosting regular Q&A Sessions allowing backers to talk to the Dune Team to ask your questions. You can join our Discord Server here: https://discord.gg/fPRKFDD

Many thanks,

Dune Team