Update #70 - Let's get this out there! Expedited Shipping and the Dice-Y

Greetings everyone, 

Since our previous Indiegogo Update, we have received a lot of queries from our backers regarding the shipment/s of the Dune Pro. We have been addressing these comments individually via Indiegogo, Social Media, and Email. To continue our promise to provide the utmost transparency to our backers, in this Indiegogo Update we will go in-depth into the shipping process and how this links to existing and future shipments of the Dune Pro. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask, we will be sure to address your request.


The Lucky 10 - Expedited Shipping

A handful of backers have requested we send out a small quantity of Dune Pro units, via a courier service. We are excited to announce that 10 lucky backers picked at random will have their Dune Pro sent via expedited shipping, with the $180-$200 shipping cost paid by the Dune Team. The 10 Backers will receive a door-to-door tracking number via email once their Dune Pro is dispatched.

Note - The Dune Pro units for our first backers are in transit, therefore cannot be removed from the shipping process. Because of this, we are picking backers at random, gives an equal and fair opportunity for all.

Shipping - 3PL (Third Party Logistics)

We are using a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) to ship the Dune Pro to our backers. Some backers have asked why we are using a 3PL rather than a Courier Service. While a Courier Service is effective on a small scale, the price on a large scale is astronomical. This is why we have always planned to use a 3PL which is a standard operation when distributing bulk shipments. A 3PL organizes the shipping through multiple logistics companies. Below are the key points a 3PL arranges:


  1. Organizing a truck to pick up units of the Dune Pro from the factory.

  2. Storing units of the Dune Pro in a warehouse and organize a shipping container.

  3. Adding shipping labels and loading units of the Dune Pro onto the dock.

  4. Dune Pro units exit China to the destination port.

Destination Country:

  1. Inventory counted at the destination.

  2. Storing units of the Dune Pro in a warehouse and arrange local logistics companies to do the local shipment.

  3. Local shipment completed, Dune Pro arrives at backers address.

Shipping - Departure Port, Container Availability, and Departure Date

All Dune Pro Shipments, excluding shipments within China, depart from the Yantian International Container Terminals, located in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Since Mid-April, we have had a container allocated for the first batches of the Dune Pro, to fulfill our promise of the Shipping Process starting from the 28th May 2021 (subsequently changed to the 31st May 2021 due to a 3-day power outage).

Unfortunately, an outbreak of COVID-19 in and around the southern Chinese port city caused disruption at the port, in a similar light to the disruption at the Dice-Y Cover Factory. Chinese officials greatly restricted, then subsequently suspended all container traffic through the port for three weeks to control the spread of the virus. As one of the biggest ports in China, the congestion of existing and new shipments spanning across the three weeks is causing a backlog. Due to this backlog, large shipments for the biggest companies in the world, such as car manufacturers, are being prioritized over comparatively smaller shipments, such as the shipment for the first batches of the Dune Pro Case.

Currently, the Dwell Time for containers is upwards of 25 days. Dwell time is the measure of the time elapsed from the time the cargo arrives in the port to the time the goods leave the port premises. At this time, due to the immense disruption, our 3PL is unable to give an exact departure date for the first shipment of the Dune Pro Case. We are optimistic, from data provided by analysts, that the first shipment of the Dune Pro Case should depart from China within the next few weeks. 

Article 1: https://www.freightwaves.com/news/are-you-shipping-me-32000-container-move-from-china-to-la

Article 2: https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/yantian-slowly-recovers-but-delay-could-impact-christmas-shipments

Article 3: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/china-shipping-backlog-leaves-factory-093000802.html?_guc_consent_skip=1627721520

Shipping - Dice-Y Units

“Could you ship Standard Edition Units now and Dice-Y Covers at a later date?” 

When the Dice-Y Factory was in COVID-19 lockdown, with no end date in sight, we explored the idea of shipping out the Standard Edition case first, then the Dice-Y Cover at a later date. Fortunately, the COVID-19 lockdown eased a couple of weeks ago, therefore Dice-Y Production has resumed. With this news, we will be shipping the Standard Edition and Dice-Y Cover together as a single unit. 

Shipping - Roadmap of Assembly

We have stated previously our factory has the potential to assemble up to 20,000 Dune Pro units in a single month. Assembled Dune Pro units are stored in a warehouse, prior to being loaded onto a shipping container. Due to the delays of the first batches, we have reached our allocated storage capacity at the warehouse. Once the first batches are loaded onto the container, our allocated storage capacity is freed up and we will resume the assembly process.

Dice-Y - Quality, and Anodisation

In our last Indiegogo Update, we shared information regarding the Dice-Y Cover Production. With the samples inspected and production well underway, we have been working on the next stage, Anodisation. A different factory is used to anodize the Dice-Y Cover. Some backers have voiced concerns regarding the finish of the Dice-Y. Rest assured, the quality of the Dice-Y, along with the Dune Pro as a whole, is above any PC Case at the price point. The photos below show an anodized Dice-Y Cover produced using Mass Production manufacturing techniques.


Thank you to our backers for your continued support. We hope this Indiegogo Update provides transparency regarding Shipping. We will keep our backers up to date as updates develop. If you have any further questions, please reach out to the Dune Team via email, info@dunecase.com, or via Discord. We are hosting regular Q&A Sessions allowing backers to talk to the Dune Team to ask your questions. You can join our Discord Server here: https://discord.gg/fPRKFDD

Many thanks,

Dune Team