Update #60 - The Dice-Y is looking Nice-(Y)!

Greetings everyone,

As we pass through Chinese New Year the factories are building back up to full capacity. Alex and Kevin have been back to work with the final few steps of the Dune Pro production, assembly and shipment.

Dune Team Live Q&A 

Join the Dune Team for a Live Stream Wednesday, March 10th at 11:30am EST. This Q&A Session will be hosted on YouTube, allowing our backers to ask any questions they have live to Alex, Kevin and the Dune Team!Dice-Y 

All exterior panels are currently being stored at the assembly line, with the exception of the Dice-Y Cover. We understand our backers have been eagerly anticipating information regarding the Dice-Y Cover. As promised in our last update, we are providing some insight into the Dice-Y! We use special manufacturing techniques to produce the Dice-Y cover that is high-quality. We have faced a defect with the Dice-Y, which resulted in imperfections inside the Dice pattern. This was as a result of the custom blades used, causing blemishes on the aluminium surface. Over the last few weeks, we have worked closely with the factory, tweaking the blades and processes to rectify the issue. As you can see in the final photo, the defect has been successfully rectified.

With the defect rectified, production of the Dice-Y has been given the green light and will be imminently underway. Our backers can expect some more photos of the Dice-Y over the next weeks! 

Other Components

Plastics - We shared information regarding the plastic components, such as the Back Panel Insert and the Side Panel Attachment in a recent Indiegogo Update. We mentioned that while the form of the components was correct, the surfacing was not final. We are pleased to share that the surfacing has been finalised and production of the plastic components has been given the green light from Alex and Kevin.

Power Button - After a poll from our backers, the Power Button has been updated from the prototype to include a White LED Ring Indicator. We shared a photo of the plastic component in a recent Indiegogo Update, which will be frosted white for the final production unit. We are pleased to share that the aluminium insert has been finalised and production of the Power Button has been given the green light from Alex and Kevin.

Screws, Standoffs and Rubber Feet - We have sourced the different screws, motherboard standoffs and rubber feet present on the Dune Pro. These parts have been shipped to the assembly line, to join the exterior panels, awaiting the remaining components of the Dune Pro before assembly can begin and the Dune Pro can be shipped to our amazing backers!

Assembly Line

Over Chinese New Year, Alex and Kevin have been testing and refining the assembly process, reducing the amount of time it takes to take the individual parts and construct a Dune Pro case, to the quality the team and our backers expect. A more efficient assembly process means more Dune Pro Cases can be produced in a given time frame, so we can get more cases out to our backers as soon as possible!


Thank you

We appreciate the continued supports our backers provide as the Dune Team is back in motion after Chinese New Year, working hard to get the Dune Pro in your hands as soon as possible. Once the assembly has begun, we will give an exact shipping date for our backers.  

Thank you,

Dune Team