Update #59 - Dune Giveaway

Greetings everyone,

We would like to wish all of our backers a happy Chinese New Year! As we shared in our last update, Chinese New Year is a time when all factories pause operations. While a quieter period compared to the previous few months, In this update, we will be sharing important information regarding the Dune Pro project, prior to shipping to all our backers across the world.

Clips Giveaway

Many backers have been asking for additional clips to be provided with their Dune Pro Case, or to be available as an optional purchase. We are excited to share we are giving away an additional set of Clips to our backers through Social Media! You can find out how to enter on our different pages.

Facebook: https://fb.watch/3LJgISX4fY/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLe1lIhswCT/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DuneCase/status/1362816001235185669?s=20

Clips will be available to purchase on the Dune Case store, along with other accessories, at a later date.


The Dice-Y is a key priority for the Dune Team as we exit the Chinese New Year. The processes of the Dice-Y have been refined, making tweaks to improve the manufacturing, resulting in a higher quality product for our backers. We understand our backer's excitement to see this cover and we will show in due time the outcome. We hope to provide further insight into the Dice-Y Cover in the next Indiegogo Update. We would like to ask backers to remember we share Photos and information based on the schedule between Dune Case and the Factory.

Shipping Date

We will give a shipping date once the assembly process is in full motion, as it is at this point in production we can best determine an accurate date we can meet. Some parts, such as the exterior panels we shared in our last update, are waiting at the assembly line.

Thank You

Once Chinese New Year ends and production returns to be in full motion, we will continue to update our backers with the newest information. Thank you to everyone for your continued support and patience with the Dune Pro, as without you, the backers, we would not be where we are today. We hope you all stay safe!

Many thanks,

Dune Team