Update #58 - Even Indiegogo Agrees! Production Approved

Greetings everyone, 

It has been an exciting 2 weeks of progress since our last update. As always, we strive to give our backers the most insightful information we can.

Indiegogo Approval

We have been in the production stage of the Dune Pro for a while and now Indiegogo has updated the timeline on our campaign page to reflect this. This is a great step to demonstrate to our existing and potential backers we are here, in China, producing the Dune Pro to get it in your hands as soon as possible.

Exterior Panels QC

We are incredibly excited to share with our backers Quality Control on the exterior panels has been checked off. Alex and Kevin conducted a final inspection on every single panel produced, which were then packed and sent off to the assembly line. We are over the moon with the anodisation finish that has been produced, that is leaps and bounds ahead of that on the prototype. After months of refinement to the processes, we have achieved a finish unlike any PC Case in the industry.

Clips and Panel Gaps

Some backers have raised concerns regarding the panel gaps present on the Dune Pro.  While a gap will always be present between panels, it has been of utmost importance to ensure this gap is as minimal and consistent as possible. We would like to address the concerns regarding panel gaps with the following photo.

A contributing factor to the minimal panel gaps present on the Dune Pro is our attachment design. As you can see, there are four clips present on the front panel. These securely attach to metal studs on the top and bottom panels. Alex went live on Discord to share the design with viewers. We would like to thank SBthePOTATO on Discord for recording the session, which can be viewed here:


Handles and Feet

We have been working hard on the handles of the Dune Pro. Previously, the handles had a greater radius, resulting in a bigger curve. Since then, we have collaborated with the factory to improve the bending technique, the result being a handle that has less radius, without causing marks on the stainless steel. We are incredibly pleased with the result!

Likewise, the feet of the Dune Pro has seen significant improvement over time, to provide the best quality to our backers. Going from left to right, there are small differences in the manufacturing techniques, which consequently result in a higher quality component.

Back Panel Insert

The back panel insert holds the back panel to the frame of the Dune Pro. In a similar light to the clips, this insert has been present since the prototype Dune Pro case. Plastic is more elastic than metal and will not scratch the aluminium surface when putting on and taking off the panel. 

*Note - This piece does not reflect the finish of the final production component

Plastic Mold

In a previous update, we shared our method to attach the side panels of the Dune Pro to the frame. This design is a significant improvement compared to the prototype, featuring as it exposes more of the stainless steel frame. Moreover, there are now four clips compared to just one on the prototype, which greatly improves the structural integrity of the Dune Pro. We are excited to share insight into the progress from the initial CAD Design, to the final mold we will be using to produce the component.

1. Initial CAD Design - Shared 16th January 2021

2. Initial Testing - Shared 19th January 2021

3. Final Mold - Shared 30th January 2021

4. Test Piece - Shared 2nd February 2021

*Note - This piece does not reflect the finish of the final production component. This has no surface treatment and is for testing purpose only.

Power Button

The power button design was updated upon backer request to include a LED indicator. As we have previously stated, the final design would feature a white LED ring with an aluminium insert. We are pleased to share the samples of the power button produced by the factory. These will be frosted white for the final component.


We shared the renders of the packaging we will be using for the Dune Pro a few months ago. We are excited to share that the packaging has passed QC and is now in mass production. You can see from the video this process can be completed at an incredible rate!

Dice-Y Cover

We have been fine-tuning the Dice-Y Cover and will be able to share pictures with our backers soon. It is a special manufacturing process, not a cast as backers have suggested previously. We understand our backer's excitement to see this cover and we will show in due time the outcome. The Dice-Y will ship in the Standard Edition box as an accessory. We will update on the Dice-Y after the Chinese New Year.


Chinese New Year - Contingency Plan

As we come close to Chinese New Year, we understand our backers will be interested in how we will continue to push forward with the Dune Pro during this time. We are doing our very best to help the factories work more efficiently, so everything is not left to the last day. Our contingency plan is that if we get a batch of all parts done together, we will personally work through Chinese New Year to assemble the case. This will include Alex, Kevin and a few other people we have hired to work throughout Chinese New Year. This is all subject to a batch being completed and ready to assemble.

The continued support from our backers has been overwhelming. We are incredibly grateful for all the positive comments you send our way as we get ever closer to shipping the Dune Pro. Once the assembly process has begun, we will give a shipping date to our backers. 

Many thanks,

Dune Team