Update #55 - Pushing Forward

Greetings everyone,

The Dune Team continues to make progress every day towards getting the Dune Pro assembled and shipped to all of our backers. As always, we have been capturing as much footage as possible to demonstrate the incredible work and effort that takes place behind the scenes.

Early Backer Gift

We recently announced the cable management accessory gift that every backer will receive with their Dune Pro. We understand that our most loyal early backers of the Dune Pro have been excited to find out what their additional gift will be. Today, we are pleased to announce that all of our early backers, those who backed our project before November 18th, 2019, will receive an extended premium leather mouse pad embossed with the Dune logo.

Exterior Panels

After the anodization issues we shared in the last update were isolated and resolved, our top and bottom panel production process has been finalized and approved. The signatures on the panels signify the achievement of what we call the "golden sample," which will be used moving forward as a reference point for mass production. We are pleased to inform our backers that the standard front panel, top, bottom, side, and rear panels are all currently in mass production.

Plastic Clips

The plastic clips used to attach the Dune Pro panels to the frame are currently in mass production. Plastic is injected into a custom-designed mold, which makes ten clips at a time. Changes to the attachment have been made since creating the prototype for a more aesthetically pleasing design. This makes it so that more of the stainless steel frame can be seen. In our prototype, we had two clips per side. With the updated design, each panel has four clips, resulting in a more secure attachment with a reduced panel gap between the case and the panel itself. The plastic clips will be used in conjunction with a horizontal bar that will act as a guide to support the weight of the side panel.

Back Panel Insert

The Back panel insert is a complex mold that required a lot of attention. Since we have started to create this a few months ago, a number of revisions have been made to get this right. We have had to modify the mold to solve the unexpected surfacing issues. We are happy to report that last week we have started the production process for this part. We will keep you all informed about the progress in the following updates. 


We would like to directly address some concerns backers have had regarding the Dune Pro's quality, compared to the prototype we initially produced and sent to firms such as LinusTechTips. Despite changes to the manufacturing techniques, such as using extrusion in conjunction with CNC for the Dune Pro's exterior panels to reduce waste, the final Dune Pro our backers will receive will be more accurate, with a significant improvement to the anodization finish. 

Packaging and Box Dimensions

We shared our packaging design a few months ago and are excited to tell our backers that the exterior packaging has gone into production. A few of our backers have asked to give more details regarding the Dimensions of the packaging. The packaging dimensions for the Dune Pro is: 30cm x 50cm x 60cm


Many backers have asked questions about how their Dune Pro will be shipped. We are working with a logistics company that determines the shipping company on a regional basis.

Thank You

Thank you, as always, to all our backers for your continued support of the Dune Pro. We will continue to update you on a fortnightly basis through Indiegogo updates, along with drop-in live sessions on Discord. As mentioned previously, our forum is accessible on the Dune Case website, without the need to sign up. Click here to get the latest: https://www.dunecase.com/forum.html

Many thanks,

Dune Team