Update #52 - This is Real

Greetings Everyone,

We are incredibly excited to share the leaps of progress we have made towards getting the Dune Pro in your hands as soon as possible. Over the last two weeks, we have been capturing as much footage as possible of all the different processes to share with you all. The Dune Pro is very real, we are here in China working around the clock to ship this out to our Backers.

11th December 2020

Alex and Kevin visited the Plastic Factory to oversee the plastic injection process, used for the plastic component for the clips used in the Dune Pro.

15th December 2020

Production of the Dune Pro Handles begun last week and here are samples of the Handle that have been Bent and Polished, taken directly from the Production Line. 

To address the issue LinusTechTips brought up from his review of the Dune Pro Case, we visited the PCB Factory to test and give the green light for a strengthened PCB Board, with tighter tolerances that will not flex. On this day Alex also extended his VISA a further 30 days, without the need of a 9 day wait time like before.

16th December 2020

Alex and Kevin visited the CNC Factory to oversee production. Some panels required a redesign, to remain fundamentally the same, with no compromise in regards to quality, but with significantly reduced waste. We have achieved this by using Extrusion in conjunction with CNC.

CNC and Extrusion Process

This process applies to the Standard Front Cover and the Back, Top and Bottom panels.

Billets are heated up to 900 Degrees, then pushed through a mould with the profile cut out in the mould.

This is the end result, which is placed into a CNC Machine with the fixture in place. The CNC Process begins.

Once the CNC Process is complete, we debur the surface to remove small things on the surface, to make the finish smooth.

The finished sample is placed down, to be inspected. Once 10 have been produced, they are moved to another area to be inspected.

17th December 2020

Alex and Kevin visited the Anodising and Sandblasting Factory, to oversee Mass Production. We have two locations for anodising, one for black components, the other for silver components. We uploaded 37 Photos and Videos onto the Google Drive, which you can view here: https://bit.ly/DuneProManufacturing, alternatively we have compiled a montage to view below.

Thank You

Thank you to all our backers for your continued trust and support in the Dune Pro. The Dune Pro is very real, we are here in China working around the clock to ship this out to our Backers.

Many thanks,

Dune Team