Update #48 - Behind the Scenes (Part 4)

Greetings everyone,

We have exciting footage of the CNC Process to share with you all. This is a vital step to getting the Dune Pro out to our backers as soon as possible, ensuring the quality meets our high expectations, hence why we have been monitoring each process carefully.


Thank you to those who joined our impromptu Discord Livestream a few days ago, it was great to talk with you all and show the CNC Factory. Discord has been an excellent platform to us, so if you are not involved, click on the following link to join the Official Dune Server:


Below is the footage we took from the CNC Factory: 

Thank you to all our backers for your support as everyone in the Dune Team continue to work around the clock to get the Dune Pro shipping to you all as soon as possible.

Many thanks,

Dune Team