Update #38 - Visa, RTX 3000, Delivery

Greetings everyone! The Chinese Government has announced today, 23rd September 2020, that all foreigners can now apply for a VISA into China starting from the 28th of September 2020.


Tomorrow, Alex will be reapplying for the new type of VISA with the local agency, so we can enter China to begin the 14 Day Quarantine process as soon as possible. We are now another step closer to starting production and delivering the Dune Pro to you all November 2020.

RTX 3000:

With the recent launch of RTX 3000, we have received an influx of questions regarding whether the new Graphics Cards will be compatible with the Dune Pro case. The dimensions for the reference RTX 3000 cards are as followed:

- RTX 3070 - 242mm Length, 112mm Width
- RTX 3080 - 285mm Length, 112mm Width
- RTX 3090 - 313mm Length, 138mm width

The Dune Pro has 250mm of GPU Clearance with the HDD Enclosures installed, extending to 380mm without. The Dune Pro supports GPUs up to 160mm in Width.

Therefore, all reference Nvidia RTX 3000 Series cards are compatible with the Dune Pro.


With delivery expected to be just around the corner in November, we would appreciate it if you can ensure your Shipping Address is correct and has not changed since your initial backing. Please refer to the following guide provided by Indiegogo to update your Shipping Address:

https://support.indiegogo.com/hc/en-us/articles... would like to thank you for all of the support with the Dune Pro, everyone at the Dune Team is incredibly appreciative to all supporters, and we are excited to have made another significant step to get the Dune Pro delivered.

Many thanks,

Dune Team