Update #36 - Estimated Shipping November 2020

Greetings everyone.

It’s been nearly a few weeks since our last update and we are excited that things are moving forward. We would like to thank everyone for their support and patience waiting for the Dune Pro case. 

Quarantine isn’t easy

During our last update, Alex had successfully left Indonesia and made his way into Hong Kong. On August 9, Alex arrived in Hong Kong, he had to do a COVID test and had to do his 14 Day quarantine. It wasn’t easy. As he was checked in to a hotel after doing a COVID test, there were some conditions. No human contact for the next two weeks and would need to wear a tracking bracelet during the two weeks. 

Today we are happy to report that on August 24, Alex has been tested negative for COVID and that he has successfully endured his 14-day quarantine. 

China Visa

Obtaining a China visa has always been relatively easy. The Chinese government has always made it easy to enter into China and has always been welcoming. But as the COVID-19 became a global pandemic, it has changed the way we travel with restrictions in nearly every country. 

During the last week, Alex has been working very hard to get his Chinese Visa. The requirements have slightly changed and the government in China requires two documents, whereas before it only required one. If you are travelling to China, you need to have a Business invitation letter stamped by the company inviting you stating the reason for your visit. Also, the company that is inviting you to China will need to register the invitation letter and need to apply for your invitation to be approved by the foreign affairs department in China. While it may look easy to obtain, it is quite difficult but not impossible to receive a letter of approval from foreign affairs.

Alex has made progress and we hope that in the next week he will be able to get his Chinese Visa.

Estimated Shipping - November 2020 

That’s right!! After months of tribulation, we are at the final stages and have set an official target date of late November 2020 to have the Dune Pro case delivered to you. This is very exciting news and we hope that this is the news that everyone has been waiting for. While we still have some obstacles ahead of us, the Dune Team believes there is a high chance for shipment to commence towards late November 2020. 

During the last few months, it has been difficult for us to give a target date. But now that Alex is in Hong Kong and making his way into China, we have more confidence in making commitments on shipping dates. 

Bonus Gift

All our backers that have made purchases from the start of our campaign until Late November 2020 will receive a bonus gift. 

If you are an original backer (Purchased before November 18 2019), you will receive an additional gift.

In the updates to come, we will reveal the “Bonus Gift” and “Original Backers Gift”. 

Official Pricing

Today we announce the official pricing of the Dune Pro case is the following:

Dune Pro case (Standard Edition) - $249 USD

Dune Pro case (Standard Edition + Dice Y accessory) - $329 USD

Dice Y Accessory - $80 USD

All those that have purchased from the start of our campaign until late November 2020 will be able to enjoy the discount. The discount is the following:

Dune Pro case (Standard Edition) - $249 USD $199 USD

Dune Pro case (Standard Edition + Dice Y accessory) - $329 USD $279 USD

This discount price has been the same since the start of our campaign and will only be valid until late November 2020. We encourage all those who have been wanting to buy a Dune Pro case to order now to enjoy the discount benefit.

In conclusion, we are excited to move forward with the delivery of the Dune Pro case. The Dune Team thanks you personally for your support and patience, especially during the global pandemic. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@dunecase.com

Many Thanks,

Dune Team