Update #35 – One step closer

Greetings everyone.

We would like to thank all our backers, sponsors and all our fans who have supported the Dune Pro case. We are one step closer to having the Dune Pro case finished and, in this update, we would like to inform you of the movements that has occurred in the last two weeks.

7 August – Leaving Indonesia 

Bali national airport is now open and Alex took the earliest flight out of Denpasar to Jakarta and then to Hong Kong. Once in Hong Kong Alex then will make his way to China to oversee the production. Leaving Indonesia was delayed a few days as Alex had done a COVID Rapid test but the requirements into Hong Kong was that you need a Nuleic Acid test that is negative. Alex stayed a few days in Jakarta and was able to get his test done.

9 August – Hong Kong

Alex has finally arrived in Hong Kong and now has his path set to enter into China. He must be quarantined and get his COVID test done.  

13 August – 14-day quarantine

The initial COVID swab test has passed and now Alex has to wait 14 days in quarantine in a Hotel.

We are patiently waiting for Alex to pass his quarantine in Hong Kong and get his visa into China.

Keep you all posted soon with our next steps

Many Thanks,

Dune Team