Update #34 – Production Test Run & Dune team going to China

Greetings everyone.

Once again, we would like to thank all our backers, sponsors and supporters of the Dune Pro case. We have come so far after all these months and while it hasn’t been a pleasant wait for anyone, we believe good things come to those who wait. The Dune Pro case will happen and we are one step closer to have this case out to you. 

Production Test Run

While we cannot be in China at the moment, during the last two weeks we have speed things up and have started to do a test run again on the production molds. We originally did this in January and a few of the molds needed to be polished hence the delay. Shortly after we polished the molds, Chinese New Year holiday was near and we didn’t have the chance to test it before the holidays. We waited for the Chinese New Year holidays to finished and during March through to May the world experienced a pandemic that was not predicted. During May factories started to get back to normal and we started to talk to the factories about a plan moving forward. In July we had made plans to move things forward given the situation and during the last two weeks we have recorded the process of making the parts for the Dune Pro case with samples. During the next week we will be recording more videos of the remaining parts to show you our progress. Please watch the following videos to see how parts of the Dune Pro case is made.

Motherboard Extender (EEB)

PCI Back panel

HDD Cage

Front Fan Bracket

Why we need to personally be in China?

Some backers have asked why we need to personally inspect the line in China. In the below video that the factory recorded, it shows footage of the way the PCI back panel is manufactured. Can you see any problems? Is the part mounted properly? Has the factory worker been educated or trained on how to handle the parts? These are just a few issues. Having the molds done versus making sure the handling of parts and the way its mounted is just as important. It is very important for us to see the production test run. We need to analyze it, improve the process, and lastly put controls in place to monitor.

 Bali International still not open

While Bali International airport is still closed, Jakarta has limited flights to outside Indonesia.

We are happy to report that Alex will be traveling to Hong Kong in the near future. Unfortunately, we haven’t got an update from the China Embassy and therefore have taken an alternative solution which is to travel to Hong Kong. Once in Hong Kong, Alex will re-apply for the Chinese visa and enter into China. For all those who are not aware, in late March the Chinese government has required all foreign passport holders to re-apply for there visas.

Here is the link: https://www.fmprc.gov.cn/mfa_eng/wjbxw/t1761867.shtml

Next Steps

During the next few weeks Alex will make his way to Hong Kong which is one step closer to China. From there he will make his way into China and Inspect the factories production line. While Alex will be traveling to HK China, we will continue to run the test production line and record the process for each part of the Dune Pro.

We would like to thank everyone for there patience. The Dune Pro case is nearly complete and we hope the next few weeks we will be able to see more progress.

Dune Team