Update #26 - Manufacturing Update - Better late then never.

Greetings everyone!

We would like to thank everyone for supporting the Dune Pro case. Your support has been our strength during these challenging times. It has inspired us to not only develop the Dune Pro case, but also encouraged us to develop other potential products that will be released later this year after we have shipped out every case that is on preorder.

We would also like to extend our thanks to the Dune Case community. They have been a tremendous support to all of us and we are very grateful for their help in our live Q&A sessions and feedback.

In this update we would like share with everyone a re-cap on the Discord that happen a few weeks ago and talk about what has happened in the last few weeks.

Current Status

At the moment members of the Dune Team have been restricted from traveling. While the situation has slightly improved, travel bans in countries around the world are still in place. We have inspected all parts from our manufactures but we need to personally inspect and  test run the second revision of the molds. As the travel bans gradually are lifted, we will be able to move quite fast into China and finalize production and shipment. We are on standby and ready to travel once the Coronavirus improves and travel restrictions have been lifted.

Monitor Stand

Yes, that’s right!!! While we may be limited in the production capacity, our imagination and creativity are not restricted. Alex and Kevin have been working on prototyping a monitor stand that potentially will be part of the Dune product roadmap in the future. We shared to everyone that attended the discord our latest 3D drawings of the monitor stand. The community was excited and in our next update we will able to share refined drawings of the monitor stand.

Rack Mount

There has been talks about the Rack Mount version of the Dune Pro case. While it may look similar on the outside, the internal structure is very different. We have promised the community to further develop this version and after we have delivered the Dune Pro case to everyone that has ordered it, we may bring this case to a reality subject to demand.


This week we have talked to the manufacture in Shanghai about the casters. We are in the process of designing the casters to fit the Dune Pro case and in our next update will be able to show progress of the casters.

Reviving the Dune Case (Original)

While we have not finished the production of the Dune Pro case, once we have fulfilled the delivery to all our backers, we have decided to bring back the original Dune Case which we launched in 2015. There have received tens of thousands of emails to bringing this case back and we have planned to do this once the Dune Pro case has been delivered. We will keep everyone posted.

Discord Q&A – 10am EST Friday May 8th

We will be scheduling another Q&A on discord and we hope to see you all there. Here is the link: https://discord.com/invite/q5TFvU

Once again, we thank everyone for their support and patience. We look forward to everyone joining us on Discord for any questions you may have. 

Dune Team