Update #25 - Hello Dune Community!

We're kickin off another week and just wanted to check in with you all to see how everyone is doing. How's quarentine life going?! Post to the comment page how you and your family are passing the time. What are you into? Have you learned anything new? Are you taking time to relax? We want to hear about it!

There is nothing new to report for us, unfortunately, but we are feeling like we are getting close to the end of this. Fingers crossed that we'll have more to tell you by the end of the month. 

We would also like to announce that we are going to be hosting another live session April 24th, at 10AM EST. through our official Discord Q&A forum, meant for only live streams. Here is a link to that forum to join us. 

We can't wait to hear from you all again. Bring your questions and we'll do our best to answer them! Thanks for being such an awesome and supportive community. We really love you guys!