Update #20 - Manufacturing Update - China Situation and Continuity

A few weeks ago, we gave an update about the progress of the Dune Pro case production. We had planned to start production on the first week of February. Since that time, the world is experiencing a pandemic that was not foreseen nor expected. We sincerely hope that the situation in China improves. We also extend our hope to our friends and workers on the Dune Pro case.

We have communicated to all of our vendors in China about when they are likely to start production. Some of them have communicated back with a start date, but others have not given us a clear answer. It is also very risky for the factory workers to return back to work, as the virus is highly contagious. Also, there are traveling restrictions in and out of China which will put our team members at risk of an infection. A mandatory 14-day quarantine is required for persons existing out of China.

Contingency and Continuity

We have asked all our vendors to give us a clear answer in the next two weeks and start hopefully after the 22 February. If a start date or resolution is not defined by our factories shortly after the 22 February, our contingency plan will be to look at neighboring countries to start production.

If we can start after the 22 February, there also may be delays and risk involved. Some of them could be travel restrictions and quarantine inspections in and out of China.

Nevertheless, we will be continuing forward and delivering you what was promised. We hope that everyone can understand the situation we are experiencing at the moment.  

We have read many of the comments and are truly grateful to all our supporters. Your comments have been inspiring to us. We also are grateful for your patience with the unexpected delays.

We extend our thanks and gratitude to the workers in China who will be putting their health at risk. We pray for everyone in China that the situation will improve.

Many Thanks,

Dune Team