Update #19 - Manufacturing Update – We are not CNC’ing around

As we read all the comments during the last few weeks, we could not be more grateful to the community and all of our supporters of Dune Case. A few years back, we started this company because there was no PC case to address the community. There was also lack of a PC cases that had a high-quality finish at a reasonable cost.

We would like to thank everyone personally for their comments and concerns over the course of the last few months. While it is not easy to manufacture a quality product, we are grateful for the opportunity to be able to create something that we believe is special.

From the very beginning, quality has been at the very core of Dune Case. But quality takes time and needs to be verified through analyzing and testing. As mentioned previously in our posts, manufacturing 2000 units of the Dune Pro case is not the most difficult part. The most difficult part is to minimize risk of failure and defects once we are in production.

Our post has been focused on the internals of the Dune Pro which we believe is the most important part of the case. The internal part of the Dune Pro case is where all your parts will be installed. If the molds and tolerance for the internals is not right then your parts will not be able to be installed properly into the Dune Pro case no matter how good the case looks on the outside. There are so many variations of parts for a PC case and the internal design must accommodate the variations.

While we have discussed a lot about the internals, lets us now talk more about the exterior.

The CNC process is a very precise process. It is a computer-controlled drill that will precisely cut out metal based on a 3D CAD. The issue with CNC process is that it is very expensive and time consuming when compared to die cast or stamping. The reason we use CNC process is to get nice and sharp edges / cuttings on the surface. The Dune Pro top, bottom, back and front panels use a partial CNC process to give the exterior a nice finish that is sharp and crisp.

A month ago, we started to manufacturing the top, bottom, back and front panels of the Dune Pro case. We have a video to show you how this is manufactured.

When we started to CNC the top panel of the Dune Pro, Initially the factory had told us the CNC time was 40 mins but we were not convinced. We did our own simulations and through analyzing the CAM instructions we were able to optimize the G-Code to CNC out the board faster without compromise. Through negotiations and working with the factory we were able to achieve our CNC cutting time with in 10-15 mins. In this instance, the CNC work was not the skills we needed as we had a great factory that had the right machines and could cut this out in 15 mins. The skills needed was negotiating with the factory and get them to agree to our timings. This is a great example of what takes time (negotiate) versus what could be done quickly (CNC milling).

Most factories do not want you to cut into their profit and will only ask for your target price on the part. They may give you timings to cut the material longer than what you expect. They may even add a few processes that are not necessary to add more profit. You really need to do your homework before you walk into a factory. You need to know the surface area of the material, calculate the weight and cost of the raw material, the cost of the machine run time, and how much waste material can be sold back to the vendor to lower your cost. If you have not calculated all this before you walk in, most factories will give you a very high price because they know you haven’t prepared. In addition, if you have not outlined these specifications, they could cut corners and give you a product that may look good on the surface but not what you expected. We are very fortunate that the team and I have had many years of experience working with manufactures in Asia and our collective experience has helped us get the Dune Pro case out fast.

Dice Y cover

As you can see on this video, we have manufactured the Dice Y cover. We haven’t shown too much about the Dice Y cover as we have a special way to manufacture this cover that requires some very expensive tooling. What we can say is that the front has been CNC out, but behind has been manufactured using a unique technique that we would like to keep in confidentiality.

In conclusion, we appreciate everyone’s patience. We are very humbled by all the support you have given us. While we are a small team, we do have a passion to bring something to you that will be special. I would like to also thank our team members Kevin (Designer and Engineer), Candy (Packaging and Logistics), Michael (Operations / Contract Management) and Lindsay (Administration Marketing) who have worked endlessly in China with me making sure that the Dune Pro case is a case that everyone will remember.

Many Thanks,

Dune Team