Update #14 - Original backer and Manufacturing Update

Once again many thanks to all of our original backers and we welcome all our new backers for the Dune Pro case.

Manufacturing Update

Since the campaign finished we have been working diligently in China to make sure we get this out to you as soon as possible. We have been on the road constantly to ensure that the quality of the Dune Pro meets high standards. The Dune Team is happy to report that the manufacturing has started and we are constantly monitoring the production and output quality of the factory. There are a number of factories involed including, Stainless steel bending factory, Stamping Metal factory, CNC factory. We will update more later with images from the production.

Caster Options

We have said in the past that there maybe a possibility of having caster options (wheels) for the Dune Pro case. At the moment we are in the design process and visiting reputable factories to who currently manufacture caster's for office furniture and chairs. We have a number of designs and working with factories to make sure we have the right caster design for the Dune Pro case. Keep you posted on the caster options.

Original Backer Extra Bonus

As stated in our last update, we extended our appreciation to all our original backers and announced that our original backers will receive an extra bonus with the shipment of the Dune Pro case. We just announced this a week ago and still in the process of finalising the bonus selection. If there are some kind suggestions please email your thoughts to us at info@dunecase.com. We would love to hear back from you. We want to hear from the community.

In conclusion, we appreciate all your support and please note that we are in the process of making sure the manufacturing quality control is at high standards. We want to make sure that there are no short cuts with our vendors and looking closely at every step. In addition we do apologise for delayed response from social and email as there has been a fluction of support in the last week and growing. 

Many thanks,

Dune Team