Update #13 - Indemand campaign starts & original Backers gets extras!!!

Once again, we thank everyone who has supported us during the last 4 weeks. We are well on the way and the Dune Pro case is in the process of mass production.

First Campaign Backers get a little something extra!!!

Those who backed us during the original campaign, the Dune Team congratulates you. We are grateful for your support. And to show our appreciation to all our first campaign backers, we will be gifting something special. Later this week we will announce the details of our appreciation.

Indemand Campaign – Limited 500 Dune Pro Cases

During the last 24 hours we have had a lot of emails from those that have missed out on making a purchase of the Dune Pro case. We are happy to announce that we will be running an Indemand Campaign from the 19th November 2019 until the 31 Dec 2019 and offer a limited 500 Dune Pro case units. The delivery of purchases made during this period will also receive their unit the same time as our original campaign backers.

Many Thanks,

Dune Team